What are we about?

Fischer Workshops was established with the goal to provide creativity and inspiration through working with leather. We provide a variety of original patterns, designs, and detailed video tutorials for each of our projects. Whether you are a professional or a novice crafter I hope that you'll enjoy visiting my website while experiencing the joy of working with leather.

AMAZING work....you earn every penny you charge for such beauty!

Heather T.

Superb bag, your skills are excellent and the design is incredibly stylish! 

Paul L.

Top notch work and craftsmanship!

Bruce C.

This's gotta be some of the best leather work how-to videos on YouTube, seriously. Even if you don't work leather it makes you want to! Fine, fine work sir!!!

Vin W.

Man! Absolutely beautiful!! I've just begun my journey to learn leatherwork. Thank you so much for your video's.

Brady M.

Absolutely mesmerizing to watch! What beautiful craftsmanship!

Emma E.

About Me



I love to travel and experience life up close, where a lot of my inspiration comes from in my product designs and videos. As a leather artisan and craft enthusiast, I'm always amazed by the diversity of talent that exists in this industry but often goes unnoticed. I hope that through Fischer Workshops I can serve to promote and inspire aspiring artisans just like myself.